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Advantrus Facilities Management


The pandemic has acted as a catalyst for change and has reiterated the need to pay attention to how facilities are being managed and services are being delivered.


December 13, 2020
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Advantrus Facilities Management

Pieter Hayton, Managing Director of Advantrus FM


All built environments will require careful consideration and tailored plans. Although a new-kid-on-the-block, Advantrus Facilities Management, an Innovative Asset Lifecycle Specialists, has proved to be influential in the market in a short period. What makes them influential is the unique solutions they provide to the built environment and the FM companies to manage the changes in the ‘new normal’ more efficiently.



Pieter Hayton, Managing Director of Advantrus FM, elaborates on what prompted them to launch a company during the pandemic, the challenges they helped overcome, and the vision for the company. 


Feeling the gap


Having more than 20 years of experience in the FM business, the pandemic pushed Pieter to think beyond his limitations as a professional. And that’s when Advantrus FM was born. Advantrus FM is a consultancy business with a strategic approach to FM Transition & Integration projects, FM Consulting Services, and providing a comprehensive service solution to one’s business. 


“One of the biggest challenges I faced as an FM professional was the amount of time that went into the planning of operational strategy, framework and sustainable operating capabilities. Hence, when we started Advantrus FM we aimed to fill that gap by providing tailored solutions, and let service providers focus on their core function,” said Pieter. 


Their highly experienced consultants have significant experience across the MENA and GCC Region, and Southern Africa at the Senior Management level, both as FM customers and Service Providers.


To every client, the team brings extensive operational experience and insight in setting up and scaling Operations, FM Transition Processes and Projects, FM Auditing, Business Improvement, Transformation, Change Management as well as effective management of existing operational requirements. They are recognized for assessing operational needs and developing solutions to reduce costs, improve revenues, and drive service excellence.


Addressing core issues


One of the key focus areas during the pandemic was health and wellness. Hence, the tailored solutions provided by Advantrus FM allows the service provider to be more strategic and provide safe work practices, quality protocols, technology, and analytics. 


The importance of digital systems in FM will become more critical than ever before. People's expectations from the amenities and services that companies provide are increasing rapidly. Automation will be a crucial pillar of success for business processes in the future, from move-ins, service requests, and maintenance, to energy management of the workspace. FM providers will need to leverage the power of data.


“FM providers will need to embrace the latest technologies and work with clients to improve the workplace and space experience by undertaking more health and wellness initiatives. Smart technologies and automation are required in every aspect of building management. Advantrus FM also aims to provide access to the right technology and help companies by leveraging the technologies, the day-to-day work of FM providers, enabling them to get more intelligent and efficient,” added Pieter.


Vision 2021


“We aim to enable landlords, developers, and organizations to find ways to reduce risk in fragile circumstances and create better disaster recovery programs. Efficient Facilities Management teams will play a pivotal role in this. We want to incorporate much more technology into building operations going forward and establish a centralized, multidisciplinary task force to help plan and oversee recovery efforts across the portfolio. Our vision is to provide a balanced approach where FM providers and occupiers can work together seamlessly, and also introduce a spectrum of physical and virtual solutions based on business needs,” sums up Pieter.