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AG Facilities Services


AGFS takes pride in being associated with the industrial stalwarts in each sector, including government entities, major banks, retail giants, healthcare centers, and educational institutions.


December 13, 2020
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AG Facilities Services

Mohamed Adil Haneef, COO, AG Facilities Services

What makes them influential is the fact that AGFS endeavours to be the most preferred TFM company in the country. This vision is reflected in the operating actions of its 12,000+ strong workforce, in its hiring policy, raising the performance bar with every recruitment, and in the world-class training and certification courses provided to their staff. 

In 2020 AGFS has seen 700+ account renewals and 70+ new business partners. Their vast and diverse clientele stretches from Al Sila and Delma Islands on the West to Hatta on the Oman border. Currently, they have 16 accounts for over 20 years, 90+ accounts for over 10 years and 130+ contracts for over 5 years- which bears testimony to the volume of trust their clients place on them. 

They are also amongst the few FM companies certified with ISO 41000 – Facility management System, ISO 29990 – internal and external training, and a BICSc accredited Training Member, ISSA.

AGFS aspires to be thought leaders in operational sustainability and adhere to a high level of environmental consciousness by reducing wastage, making the operations environment-friendly, and complying with the national theme of 2020-Towards-the-next-50. 

Mohamed Adil Haneef, COO, elaborates on the initiatives, key highlights, and the vision for the company in the coming year. 

Initiatives taken to combat COVID-19 

AGFS undertook 700,000+ hours of sanitisation spread over 115 days across the country. This mass sanitisation exercise involved 1,140 specialised personnel, 1.1 million liters of disinfectant, 440 neighbourhoods, and 290,000+ km covered.

Additionally, we implemented social distancing and sanitisation across all vehicles, offices, and camps, installed UVC light sterilisation systems. We ran awareness campaigns on the spread and means to limit COVID-19 via posters, emails, toolbox talks. We also initiated online training to adapt to the changing times while maintaining our operational standards at the required quality levels.

The biggest highlight of 2020

In these challenging times, AGFS is fortunate to have mobilised major contracts, and are dedicated to serving our business partners. We undertook mass mobilisations of the Ministry of Education, VPS, Al Ain Zoo, NMC, and Musanada. This involved covering 480km in width and 350km in length, encompassing 1,500+ sites and 2,000+ FM professionals. 

The logistics involved in executing these mammoth projects successfully, under extremely challenging conditions, is a testament to the conscientious efforts of our dedicated operation and support team.

Vision 2021

The year 2020 has been a challenging one globally. The pandemic and the economic ramifications have been severe on everybody, yet it has managed to teach us the importance of digitalisation, disruption response, and scenario planning. These lessons will guide us as we initiate changes both internally and externally to make AGFS a better company than it was yesterday.

Process Improvement: We intend to implement the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning in our processes to ensure better preventive maintenance and exigency preparation. The industry is evolving into Robotics and we at AGFS stand at the forefront of this evolution.

New Ventures: 2021 will be the year when AGFS enters the very nascent energy management market. This is aligned with our govt's initiatives of UAE Energy Strategy 2050. The step along with a host of other CSR activities will contribute to reducing our carbon footprint and make the world a better place for our future generations.

Employee well-being: A new Center of Excellence and multiple initiatives to improve employee well-being will consolidate our vision of making AGFS the most preferred TFM company not only for our clients but for our staff as well.