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Bee’ah Group


Bee’ah is a leading integrated sustainability and waste management company. They have adopted a holistic approach to tackle challenges such as waste and the negative impact on the environment.


December 13, 2020
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Bee’ah Group

Among many other things, it is the fact that Bee’ah has introduced many new firsts for the region that makes them truly influential. Some of them include a UAE-based sustainable mobility solutions company, ION, formed as a joint venture between Bee’ah and Crescent Enterprises.

Bee’ah is also focused on investing in alternative and renewable energy sources for a more sustainable future. These include projects that range from solar energy to waste-to-energy projects which will help close the loop for waste cycles and help cities reach zero-waste targets. To that end, Bee’ah and Masdar have formed the Emirates Waste to Energy Company (EWTE) in 2017, to establish multiple waste-to-energy projects across the region, with the first to be located in Sharjah. 

Rafael Sanjurjo Lopez – CEO of Public Cleansing & Waste Collection – Tandeef, Bee’ah Group, elaborates on the initiatives, key highlights and the vision for the company in the coming year.

COVID-19 Initiatives

They are proud to have taken part in the nightly nationwide disinfection campaign when the crisis began. This was in addition to ensuring that their waste collection services continue as normal, while also increasing the frequency of disinfecting bins, waste collection vehicles, cleaning vehicles, and keeping records of all disinfection operations.  

Bee’ah also launched a specialist disinfection service with a dedicated team of professionals for government entities, facilities, compounds, and large organisations.  

Throughout their activities, the safety of the workers has been the top priority. They have weekly disinfection and sanitisation of the head office, waste collection and processing facilities, and workers’ living quarters. At their accommodation areas, they have quarantine and isolation rooms as well.  

They also launched disinfection pods for businesses and other organisations to safeguard public health during the pandemic. This was especially for buildings, complexes, and high-risk areas where frontline workers need to be present onsite. The pods work by spraying a fine mist of diluted disinfectant on the person, acting as a full-body sanitiser that poses no harm to human health. This treatment can eradicate viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms on a person or their clothing in under 20 seconds.  

Finally, with Bee’ah being a strong advocate for community outreach, they set up a microsite to support parents and teachers with engaging learning and entertainment material and suggested activities for children during the lockdown.

2020 Highlights

Bee’ah’s achievement of a 76 percent diversion rate in Sharjah and their integrated approach to waste management and environmental solutions has attracted regional interest. During 2020, Bee’ah signed major contracts in Egypt and the KSA to work with the public sector and promote a more sustainable quality of life for citizens and residents – well in line with their mission and expanding their geographical footprint.

They have been tasked to replicate their successes in the UAE and achieve an 80 percent diversion rate in Egypt’s new Administrative Capital, one of the largest urban development projects in the world. Here they will deliver services including waste collection and city cleaning, medical waste management, waste treatment, and disposal, and community awareness and engagement to drive lasting behavioural change.

Similarly, in support of Saudi Vision 2030, earlier this year Bee’ah was appointed as the waste management partner for Madinah – one of the holiest Islamic sites. They were awarded three contracts for waste management services, covering 70 percent of the city and serving a population of 1.2 million people. Bee’ah’s services for Madinah city includes solid waste collection and transport services, disinfection and sanitisation of waste bins, training sessions, workshops, and awareness campaigns, deploying around 3,000 workers, along with 350 pieces of heavy equipment. 

Vision 2021

Along with their continued work to achieve a sustainable quality of life for communities, they will be focussing on the launch of two landmark company milestones. 

Bee’ah, in partnership with Masdar, will be completing the first waste-to-energy plant in the region. Based in Sharjah, the plant will divert over 300,000 tonnes of non-recyclable waste away from landfill every year to generate 37.5 tonnes of waste per hour to deliver 30 MW of clean energy to the Sharjah power grid, thus meeting the needs of over 28,000 homes. Not only does this contribute to the UAE Vision 2021’s targets for energy diversification but will also catapult the waste diversion rate in Sharjah to 100% - making it the first zero-waste city in the Middle East. 

Equally important, Bee’ah’s new headquarters is scheduled for completion next year. Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, the building is an icon for sustainability and will redefine the benchmark for green buildings in the UAE. With its ultra-low carbon footprint, minimal water, and energy usage, and the efficient recycling of construction materials, the new headquarters is expected to achieve the United States Green Building Council’s LEED Platinum certification.