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Dana Awad


-Executive Director, Provis


November 1, 2020
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Dana Awad

Dana Awad, Executive Director, Provis

Having worked in various roles ranging Dana has always been on the lookout for something exciting to do. And she found her calling in the real estate sector. The real estate industry caught her attention when it started to boom, and a new era was beginning internationally. Community Association Management was creating a buzz everywhere, and Dana knew she was up for the challenge. "I completed my first online community management course from NSW, Australia, and realized that this was my passion. And the industry had just started taking shape in the UAE, and that prompted me to explore it more,” said Dana.

Proud moments

Having a career span of over 14 years, Dana said that a highlight was when she was handed a blank canvas to work on in the form of a residential community. “I was part of the team to oversee the construction progress, the drafting of the Sales and Purchase Agreement, the launch of the project, the sales of units in the project, the up-to-date handover of units, and finally setting up and operating the community. Residents still get to enjoy a well-operated community that they can call home. Looking back really makes me smile,” she added.

Barriers in Female Leadership

As an industry that is dominated by men, Dana, has at times, found herself as the only woman in the room. “Other times, you may find yourself doing things that others don’t expect you to do, such as climbing the rooftop or the lift operating room, and even on a BMU,” said Dana. She went on to add, “We need to rise to the challenge, overachieve and surprise them. Nowadays, be it in any sector, women have proven that they have what it takes to be leaders. Women in our industry are shining, and they are proving that no job should be male-dominated – but rather merit and skill based.”


“I believe women can easily dominate this industry. They can juggle responsibilities and nurture relations with owners and residents. My advice would be to pay attention to opportunities. We should never give up and keep aspiring to be better and stronger.”