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Driven by technological innovations


"Technology now plays a vital function in the security of assets." - Simon Currie, executive director, Arkan.


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December 8, 2019
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Driven by technological innovations

Ejadah’s security arm, Arkan, has security management systems that have embraced technology and are now involved in delivering multiple projects to customers across the region. There is no doubt about it, the security systems in the region has evolved over the years. Identifying, assessing and managing security risks through the implementation of technology offer 21st century businesses, governments and individuals the unprecedented ability to implement fully integrated security strategies. As technology is becoming more advanced and accessible to the industry, there have been changes in the kind of solutions that are on offer to consumers. And most importantly there have been changes in the legislation requiring businesses to introduce security systems in line with the law. ARKAN Security Management Solutions, a part of Ejadah, have embraced technology and are now involved delivering multiple projects to customers across the region.

They are currently managing the design, installation and testing of a new and upgraded CCTV system at Jumeriah Beach Residence. This has required the installation and testing of over 6500 new and state of the art cameras. When completed, this project will ensure that all residents and visitors will be provided with an enhanced security solution that will improve the safety and security of all residing and visiting the community. Talking to Community Management Today, Simon Currie, Executive Director, ARKAN Security Management Solutions, gives an insight into how beneficial it has been for the organisation to adapt technology into their security wing and in turn being able to deliver better. “There are a number of potential risks that can affect our customers businesses including environmental catastrophes, fire, robbery, burglary, spying, theft and vandalism. Technology now plays a vital function in the security of assets,” adds Currie.

Key technological initiatives

ARKAN have been researching and developing a number of security technology initiatives throughout the last 12 months. Having successfully implemented these solutions to their security wing, they have proven to be a leader in innovation and continuous improvement across all security functions.

Shedding light on some of the innovations they have adapted recently Currie says that they are currently testing a live and interactive incident management software application. “Our central control room has also been a great success and we now have the ability to track, report and communicate with mobile and static security resources deployed across our customer sites. This has been enhanced by the introduction of our fully supported bio-metric time and attendance system utilising both fixed and portable devices,” he adds.

Talking about the security fleet of over fifty five vehicles, Currie says that they are also tracked and monitored for location, speed, fuel consumption and idling. And all of the above data is reported in easily interpreted dashboards and reports and is acted upon on a daily basis. The year also saw a key innovation that did hit a lot of headlines – i.e. the adoption of the security robotic solution across their security operations. This is an industry first and no other security service provider in the region has this capability. Matter of fact, ARKAN were recently recognised and rewarded by industry peers and professionals at the 2019 Intersec awards ceremony. “We were fortunate to be awarded two prizes – Security Product of the Year for our security robotic solution.  We also won Security Project of the Year for the CCTV upgrade project currently being carried out at Jumeirah Beach Residences,” adds Currie.


When it comes to challenges, Currie says that the onus on all security service providers within the region to remain competitive in the market. “We firmly believe in the business mantra “better before cheaper” and ARKAN has used this as an opportunity to review all of its processes and procedures. We have invested heavily in business improvement projects and initiatives. This has yielded a host of efficiencies and improvements in all that we do.  Many have led to financial savings and these savings have been able to be passed onto any existing or new customers through our pricing models,” he adds. They have also developed, researched, and then introduced new technologies into their service delivery models. “We have also automated manual processes and reduced waste and inefficiencies in all that we do.  We will continue to review all that we do to ensure that we are able to provide a quality service at a competitive price to all of our customers,” says Currie.

Another challenge has been identifying and then delivering bespoke continuous training modules for their staff. “One of ARKAN’s core values is our people and it is without doubt that ‘they are our greatest asset’. We have had to invest in them accordingly,” adds Currie. This has led them to provide extensive training modules on management and supervisory skills. Many of the ARKAN management team now hold internationally certified security professional accreditation.

“We have also invested in English language training, communication skills training, customer service training, conflict resolution training and importantly externally certified first aid and fire marshal training courses for our security guards.  This investment is now paying dividends and the feedback we receive from our customers indicates that they are impressed with all that we have done for them and for our staff,” says Currie.


In essence most clients want a “one stop shop” for all of their security needs and requirements.  ARKAN understands that in most business lines, security is not part of that businesses core functions. Hence, they want to retain as many customers as they can and build both beneficial and strategic alliances/partnerships. ARKAN currently employs 4600+ security staff across the UAE and across all business sectors including commercial, financial, governmental, hospitality, logistics, residential communities and retail business lines. 

“The physical security requirements of our customers require us to provide managed man guarding solutions that include CCTV and control room operations and static positions across all business sectors.  As our customers’ needs and requirements have evolved so have our service offerings. We now also provide car park management services, concierge staff and events security staff.  We also have our own licensed security consultancy and technical services team that are engaged in the management and delivery of multiple security systems integration and maintenance projects and contracts across the region,” says Currie. They key benefit here is the fact that ARKAN continues to work with all of their customers identifying which security solution best fits their needs and requirements. 

Ready for 2020

As we approach the year 2020 and the exciting challenges of the Expo, Currie says that ARKAN will continue to research, develop and introduce new technologies into their business model. “The secret will be to ensure that we are able to utilise smarter systems combined with better trained and competent security staff delivering quality services to the region. This will improve the standard of security services provided to all of their customers and businesses alike.  It will require a great deal of investment in both electronic solutions and training for staff from both our customer base and ourselves,” adds Currie. 

Systems can and do enhance security solutions and surveillance within any development, but there will always be a need for “people” to review and then act upon images or incidents as they occur.  ARKAN is fully aware of this and have tailored their service offerings accordingly. “It is without doubt, that our customers are aware of the value of their assets, buildings, clients and people.  Many have asked us to provide guidance on how they can enhance existing security systems in order to reduce the expenditure on man guarding resource levels. This is the mostly likely course of action for us and our customers combining systems technology with well-trained security staff.  We continue to do this with a great deal of success and this is certainly improving the standard of security services and solutions provided to our customers and the region in general,” sums up Currie.