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Esra Fanoscu


-Regional Head of Corporate Real Estate MENAT, HSBC Bank Middle East Limited


November 1, 2020
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Esra Fanoscu

Esra Fanoscu, Regional Head of Corporate Real Estate MENAT, HSBC Bank Middle East Limited

It was the wonder towards designing and buildings that pushed Esra towards this industry. Coming from a world of architecture to working in different disciplines within the built environment over the last 30 years, Esra said that the satisfaction and thrill she witnesses from the client’s reaction to her work is what has kept her going. Her ability to see the big picture and influence others to bring in their best while using her creativity is what makes Esra inspiring.

Proud moments

Over the last 30 years, Esra has been lucky to have worked in sizeable projects. However, the most memorable one was the last project that she finished – the Head Office Building in Dubai – HSBC Tower. “I came to Dubai in 2015 when the project started, and we finished the building in 2018. It was one of the most impactful projects we have managed across our company highlighting the way of working which is an open workplace. It’s a building we have designed and built for the future need of our colleagues, using all the latest technologies. We have finished this 300,000 sq m flagship building end-to-end in 3 years – which is not an easy timeline! My team and I, along with all our stakeholders, worked long hours in this period, and I am very proud of the outcome,” said Esra.

Barriers in Female Leadership

“I believe the sector respects our expertise and strengths, accepts the diversity therefore I did not think nor felt that this would or has been a barrier. I remember leading and attending many meetings, site-visits, negotiations, and time management. And I was the only female leader amongst male colleagues, and I managed to get the outcome I wanted,” explained Esra.


“I think my answer wouldn’t be any different if you were a man or a woman! I believe in working hard, being curious, being open to feedback, having the courage to ask and learn are curial aspects for success. To me, it’s important to get out of your comfort zone and embrace the changes”