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Facilio Inc.


Facilio’s greatest strength is the game changing vision and outstanding execution they bring, to transform the way properties are operated, maintained, and managed.


December 13, 2020
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Facilio Inc.

Prabhu Ramchandran, CEO & Founder, Facilio Inc.

They have created a future-ready and market-leading product with inherent strengths in the architecture of their IoT-driven software platform, and suite of apps – which are purpose built for the real estate industry.  Facilio had a substantial and very visible market impact in 2020. And this was evident in the numerous buildings, landmark projects, and large enterprises, added to their client portfolio.

Prabhu Ramchandran, CEO & Founder, Facilio Inc. elaborates on the initiatives, key highlights, and the vision for the company in the coming year. 

COVID-19 Initiatives 

The pandemic forced the real estate industry to rethink property operations and maintenance through a new lens. The COVID-19 crisis accelerated the need for operational agility, and emphasised the advantages of data-led decision making. As a result the IoT and AI based model enabled by Facilio emerged as a crucial factor, in the pandemic response.

Facilio foresaw the challenges that CREs and FM service providers would face when reopening, and brought to market REbuild, a ready-to-deploy operations toolkit that helped real estate owners and FMs respond to the operational challenges in the post-pandemic new normal. REbuild helped our customers streamline logistics, and manage their cost and workforce concerns, while prioritizing occupant health and wellbeing. It allowed FM service providers to automate hygiene management, manage inventory needs, and share live updates with tenants. In addition REbuild enabled FMs to implement QR-code based touchless visitor management, portfolio-wide visibility of adherence to new HVAC guidelines, bulk changes to schedules, touchless app-based access to comfort control for occupants, an Operational Command Centre with a 360-degree view of property operations, and more.

Facilio also created a knowledge-sharing platform, for the property operations professionals to learn from each other by sharing best practices and successful real world strategies, to respond to the challenges they faced during the reopening phase.

2020 Highlights

One of Facilio’s highlights for 2020 was our selection by ICD Brookfield to help them deliver the workplace of the future. The project is a testament to this new data-driven, connected model of operations. Facilio’s AI-driven property operations platform will help ICDB set the benchmark, in addressing the constantly evolving wellness, environmental, and productivity needs, of today’s workforce.

Vision 2021

In 2021, Facilio will continue to deliver and advocate for a modern, data-driven model of building operations. We will continue to refine and enhance capabilities that enable remote building operations, tenant and occupant engagement, predictive maintenance, deeper AI enabled analytics, and workflow automation. Facilio considers itself very much a part of the industry we serve, and our approach has always been to learn from our customers. Facilio’s ongoing focus is on helping property owners and operators harness data as a fundamental layer in their operations, in order to be agile, proactive, and action intelligence-led decisions in real-time.