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Kaizen Asset Management Services


With more than 32 years of collective experience, Kaizen Asset Management Services has always ensured quality customer service since 2006.


December 13, 2020
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Kaizen Asset Management Services

Fadi Nwilati, CEO, Kaizen Asset Management

What makes them influential in the market is the value that they bring to the property and redefining the ways residents live, engage, and transact in their assets.  

Kaizen has always gone that extra mile to inspire the industry to innovate, adapt to new technology and challenge the status quo, and to persevere in their quest to serve customers better and in more affordable ways. 

Fadi Nwilati, CEO, Kaizen Asset Management, elaborates on the initiatives, key highlights, and the vision for the company in the coming year. 

COVID-19 Initiatives 

Our top priority was the health & safety of our employees, our customers, and our residents. We immediately began working remotely. This was a straightforward shift as our entire operations were tech-enabled on the cloud. We also got in touch with our 15,000 customers and offered to deliver masks, groceries, and medicines for those who were too concerned to leave the house, particularly the elderly. We began hosting online classes; weekly online gym, yoga, pilates, and dance classes. We also had a psychologist on-board to talk to our employees and customers once a week about dealing with the anxiety of the situation.

2020 Highlights

Our biggest highlight for the year was witnessing how everyone got together, hand-in-hand, during the first few weeks of the pandemic to help and support one another.

Vision 2021

Our vision for 2021 is to transform properties into smart, sustainable & engaging communities that are impactful to one’s well-being, happiness, and returns.