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Kristina Ruehland


-Senior General Manager - Property Management


November 1, 2020
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Kristina Ruehland

Kristina Ruehland, Senior General Manager - Property Management

It was a fortunate turn of events when Kristina was offered a job change from events to sales of a premier development at the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. The initial interest in the industry soon transformed into passion, and Kristina didn’t want to look back ever since. Today, she has worked in many parts of the region and is currently working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. “Although the Kingdom is fairly a male-dominated market, women are now breaking through in many industries, including the real estate. And it is an exciting time to be here to witness how Saudi is developing in the right direction,” she added.

Proud Moments

Kristina has had the opportunity to work in one of the best communities in KSA and the UAE. She says that it is the everyday moments that she treasures the most. “Be it working with talented people from various backgrounds and nationalities or witnessing homeowners and tenants enjoying the community they live in, are also proud moments,” said Kristina.

Barriers in Female Leadership

Although the real estate industry can feel intimidating and male-dominated, Kristina said that one should not look at gender as a reason not to be successful. “Some of us wear many hats & juggle different roles, which are seldom shared by men. And this gives us the ability to bring in a fresh perspective to situations. This industry gives us that advantage to see things differently, which I believe is the need of the hour,” she said.


“Even if this is a brand new world for you, the industry offers a huge scope of roles. My advice will be to be patient and don’t be scared to do what you are passionate about. Another beautiful aspect of this industry is that people are willing to share their knowledge with their peers and help you out. So don’t be afraid to ask for feedback and appreciate it.”