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Awtad FM


Awtad FM is a fast growing company & becoming one of the region’s leading Integrated Facilities Management services providers.


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December 15, 2019
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Awtad FM

Awtad FM is a fast growing company & becoming one of the region’s leading Integrated Facilities Management services providers. Their revenue projection for the financial year 2019 is sanguine and the growth rate accelerated to 28.31 percent and the prices were decreased by 2 percent compare to the previous year. In terms of staff growth, Awtad FM’s roster grew by approximately 8 percent YoY, while the company upped its training and compliance efforts. Awtad FM always aims to create an environment that makes talented people want to work for them and customers want to do business with them. Their employee’s health and wellbeing are a key focus. They have increased spend on employee welfare, training learning and development (TLD) by 2 percent and promote individual participation in community programmes and team building.

In 2019, apart from Manipal Academy of Higher Education, it was awarded contracts by Premier Inn, Lotus Grand, Saffron boutique in hospitality sector and Al Zubair properties, Aravani properties, Dune Real Estate in residential and commercial sector and US Consulate, Oumolat which is the government institution and manufacturer of banknotes of the UAE Central Bank. Awtad FM has a staggering 93 percent employee retention rate and a 96 percent client retention rate over 2019.


The top achievements of 2019

Their accomplishments, this year, are not just measured by the number of companies they successfully registered, or the number of contracts that they signed or the number of sleepless nights they spent meeting the expectation of their clients. In 2019, their focus has been primarily on empowering their staffs, reducing customer complaints, at reaching excellence in customer service, and at optimising the existing workflow.

One of Awtad FM's biggest achievements in 2019 is winning the bid for Manipal Academy of Higher Education - Dubai Campus. And also, this year Awtad FM has received two prestigious honour - Middle East Most Promising Brand Awards 2019, and Naiju Anselam, GM, Awtad FM has received Lifetime Achievement Awards for contribution Made in Middle East & Africa. And also Anselam is honoured with fellowship grade by The Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management Fellow (FIWFM) is the most senior and prestigious grade.

Vision for 2020

As a part of an extremely dynamic economic environment where competition keeps them on their toes, they are proud to share their remarkable achievements. In 2020 Awtad FM will focus on vertical poised for growth in their service’s life cycle.