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Bee’ah, the Middle East’s fastest growing environmental management company, that was founded with the objective of creating a sustainable future, through creative and resourceful solutions.


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December 15, 2019
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Bee’ah, the Middle East’s fastest growing environmental management company, that was founded with the objective of creating a sustainable future, through creative and resourceful solutions. Since its inception, Bee’ah has pushed the boundaries of environmental innovation and crossed remarkable milestones, to become a force for change, across the region. At the heart of Bee’ah’s operations is the commitment to merging sustainability and technology to provide solutions needed to improve the quality of life. This has been essential to their success.

In addition, they have adopted a holistic approach focusing on waste-to-energy, educating and incentivising communities and sustainable transport to name a few areas. Through this approach, they are contributing to a circular economy which derives maximum value from Bee'ah's resources and caters to the entire life-cycle of waste. Their leading performance in the sector is also based on their continuous exploration of new opportunities and innovations to improve and enhance operations such as their Waste Pro+ programme and eco-fleet. Not only are they working on improving their own sustainability measures, but they also support their clients, working with them to reduce their carbon footprint and raising awareness on sustainability issues.

The top achievements of 2019

The year 2019 has been a highly successful year for Bee’ah as we embrace new sustainable technologies to create a better quality of life. Bee’ah launched WastePro+, a revolutionary new digital platform and a complete end-to-end solution for waste management. The platform tracks waste from collection all the way to Bee’ah’s waste sorting facilities, optimising waste management and increasing operational efficiency.

Bee’ah also launched an Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant this year, which is an industry-leading waste water treatment solution. The facility processes industrial and hazardous wastewater, returning it to the water cycle in an environmentally friendly way. Treating wastewater to be used for other purposes like irrigation also helps address water scarcity challenges in the UAE. They have made immense progress in their transition to an eco-fleet, adding Ducati electric mobile waste collection units to serve Sharjah’s residential areas. The new vehicles are the first of their kind to be used in the UAE and their use is aligned with their strategy to make the entire fleet environmentally friendly. As part of this strategy, they also introduced the first autonomous electric driven vacuum machine for street cleaning in the region this year, supporting the cleaning process and improving efficiency.

They also signed an agreement to power the new headquarters in Sharjah with solar energy. The plant will be developed and built by Masdar, with Tesla Powerpacks that enable them to power the headquarters by night – taking a step closer to achieving LEED Platinum certification for the building. Starting construction on one of the first waste-to-energy plants in the region, has been another achievement, with a piling ceremony held earlier this year. Once complete, the plant will process 37.5 tonnes of municipal solid waste per hour and power up to 28,000 UAE homes.

The biggest highlight of 2019

While Bee’ah is incredibly proud of each of the milestones – their biggest highlight for 2019 has been an agreement with Microsoft Corp., Johnson Controls and Evoteq that will make the new Sharjah-based headquarters the first fully-integrated Artificial Intelligent office building in the MENA region, and one of the smartest in the world. The ‘Office of the Future’ underlines their ongoing digital transformation journey and embodies their approach to utilise the most sustainable solutions and advanced technologies. Some of the features of the building include; digital workspaces, smart back-office integration, smart lobby-visitor management, smart security, and cutting-edge AI features.

Vision for 2020

Bee’ah looks forward to launching their new headquarters, signaling the next phase of their growth journey. The ‘Office of the Future’ will play a leading role in the long-term strategy and vision. They will also be concentrating on regional expansion of their operations, bringing their unique offerings to entities across the Middle East and becoming a partner of choice in the sustainability sphere.

While working on geographical expansion, they will be diversifying their operations and venturing into additional sectors such as healthcare as part of their holistic approach to solving city problems and contributing to future-ready economies. Overall, 2020 will be an important year for Bee’ah as they also continue work on their key projects including Waste-to-Energy, research and innovation for new technologies to support the UAE’s sustainable growth, and also educating communities and residents on how to mitigate environmental impact.