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RONS: Innovative solutions for Eco-friendly specialised services


Rons Enviro Care gives their take on the specialised cleaning industry


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RONS: Innovative solutions for Eco-friendly specialised services


With experience verging to 20 years in the market backed with a team of professionals having vast experience in the field, Rons Enviro Care have consistently dominated the Facilities Management Specialised Cleaning Support Services and remained a market leader in diverse segment of the FM industry. FM today speaks to Joseph John, Managing Director of Rons Enviro Care, about Specialised services as a vital catalyst of the sector and the wide spectrum of services the company offers.

In the realm of facilities management, soft services is an ever expanding market. While the rapid growth of the region is sets the segment’s dynamics, the expansion of specific sectors drives the creation of specialised cleaning practices applicable in diverse sectors including hospitality, construction, residential and commercial centers. Conceived on the fundamentals of sustainability and mandatory requirements, Specialised cleaning services is a comprehensive cluster of specialisations to provide FOG, drain, sewage, kitchen exhaust, HVAC and Waste Management solutions. Capitalizing on the rising opportunities in the segment is specialised cleaning service provider Rons Enviro Care. Its staggering market experience approaching 20 years backed with highly skilled professionals with vast experience in the field, Rons Enviro Care has amassed numerous prestigious projects that include government institutions, hotels, and shopping malls, residential and commercial complexes. The organisation’s outstanding performance has made Rons as a proud recipient of Award of Excellence bestowed by Dubai Municipality for 2 consecutive years from 2015 – 2016.
The year 2016 was exceptionally significant for Rons in facets of long term business expansion plans and subsequent realization. The acquisition of a service-focused company engaged in Waste Management (Hazardous and Non Hazardous) culminating to securing high profile projects such as multinational restaurant chains i.e. Tim Hortons and Coldstone Creamery. The company’s retention rate peaking at 98% which include Dubai’s foremost consumer cooperative Union Cooperative Society and hypermarket for its respective branches spread across the UAE and other prestigious projects, elevated Rons’ pinnacle of success to unprecedented heights while maintaining the integrity of pre-existing commitments to other clients.
The amplification of high value contracts is indicative of a beneficial gain of at least 48% – 52% in annual revenue as compared from the preceding year. Part of the landmark operations executed by Rons include services provided for Burj Khalifa, Jumeirah Lake Towers, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Mall and other prominent projects. So what is specialised cleaning? Specialised Cleaning Services is an integration of various services vital to asset management. While each segment of the services are unique in terms of methodology and approach, these services bear affinity in providing solutions specifically to facilities management. As implied, specialised cleaning services are generally focused on addressing requirements outside the purview of conventional cleaning wherein legislation, local and international standards serve as acceptance criteria for such activities. In fullness, specialised cleaning services encompass all grease, sewage and waste management solutions including sensitive services such as water tank, AC duct and kitchen exhaust cleaning. These services converge on perceptions of hygiene, health, safety and compliance performed independently or in phases.
Talking to FM today about Specialised cleaning service, Joseph John, Managing Director of Rons Enviro Care, says that specialised cleaning is the collective representation of Rons’ service spectrum. “As such, it is essential to classify services viewed for compliance and deemed mandatory. However, in a cost sensitive service environment, asset management is essential thereby establishing Rons’ Specialised Cleaning Services as an integral segment of the Facilities Management industry.
The guideline set forth for several specific services e.g. Grease Trap Cleaning, Water Tank Cleaning, Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning etc. are designed to preserve equipment life as well as promote sustainability. Dubai Municipality’s recommended cleaning frequency of 15 days for Grease Traps has evidently proven efficacy eradicating drain blockages, mitigating foul odours, reduce deterioration factors of drain lines and other adverse effect of FOG’s and reducing maintenance costs, inherently increasing revenues,” adds John.


Rons has instrumentally used the most technically advanced equipment and methods for its services. However, John explains that the methodologies employed depend on the type of facility classification and work area. “For instance, Rons generally utilize pick-up mounted vacuum type tanker explicitly designed to provide services at inaccessible sections of a building such as basements. Fusing common sense and technology, this innovation has augmented efficacy and convenience. The approach for internal cleaning varies and formulated in congruence to a Client’s requirement. For establishments where discretion is absolute, the equipment used may vary from portable wetvac to robot tractor cleaner depending on the required activity designed to be inconspicuous” he says. John goes on to add that, Rons has successfully integrated robotics in its inspection and cleaning activities which is now an essential part of its services. “The use of robot tractor cameras /cleaners in inspection and actual cleaning activities is a testament to the diverse application of robotics and automation in the industry.
The company is currently set to invest and obtain supplementary state of the art equipment for its scope of services which include railed ‘intellibots’ for kitchen duct cleaning and other ventilation ducts. These enhanced methodologies and approach densely increases efficacy of cleaning activities while mitigating risks dramatically,” he says. The incorporation of technological advancements extends to Rons’ other services as well. The top management of Rons believes that the benefits of the latest advancements in technology are facets that the company is currently mapping out as a viable development aspect which is a fundamental catalyst towards achieving operational excellence.


The existence of a myriad of detrimental factors to every business is apparent. An example of which is the unrestricted rise of overheads and operational costs. However, these constrictions can be easily neutralized by a company’s sound financial status through efficient execution, effective sales generation and payment recoveries. Looking back in the last few years, John has observed that the supply and demand ratio in the market has drastically changed over the years. “The number of competitors consistently rises altering the complexion of the industry. This phenomenon necessitated reciprocal enhancements in marketing strategies focused on customer retention and strengthening business relationships. The implementation of online bidding at Client’s end is a cognizable change in the recent years indicating cost consciousness at consumer ends seeking transparency in pricing.” He also adds that the challenge of satisfying a vast clientele is chiefly attributed to the limited time allocations in the execution of works.
“Rons employs a precisely specific schedule with due consideration on travel time to and from site, cleaning times and geographical planning. The slightest change in this timetable would result in a chain reaction to the entire programme. This would further require the compartmentalization of services in order to bridge gaps resulting from service deference and delays,” explains John.
Rons has recently completed specialised cleaning work at the Burj Khalifa. The task perceivably demanded higher standards of quality and presented unprecedented challenges. Equipped with the necessary skills and technical experience, the organisation took on the task executing it with utmost precision.

Health and Safety Measures

As a health and safety conscious organization, the welfare of its employees and clients’ constituents are paramount in Rons’ policies. Hence, when it comes to best practices, Rons always adheres to international standards of providing services. Giving reference to recognized international standards, and determine the type of waste the operations generate. Cleaning and disinfection agents are circumspectly selected in criterion that deems them as Green, Organic or Natural. “In retrospect, water is one of the primary media utilized in the specialised cleaning industry. Rons employs methodologies that optimize fundamentals of service provision entail quality, customer care and safe execution of works. Adherence to client policies is second nature to Rons wherein Health and Safety procedures are observed with absolute compliance. Initiatives are taken to provide Clients with technical information and facility assessments, due date of services and legislative amendments. The management identifies the risks and disseminates such life altering information to concerned personnel. “While compliance is compelled from operatives, the company provides appropriate engineering controls and safety equipment. Discourses are conducted prior to the commencement of works with emphasis on methodologies and contingency measures in the event of incidents.


The UAE more particularly Dubai is considered to have the most diversified economy in the GCC. For the greater part, the thriving services sector has infused significant revenue gains. According to John, for the past two decades, the facilities management industry has consistently demonstrated trends of an upward trajectory. Dubai Government’s initiatives in the promulgations of policies and guidelines for sustainability and environmental protection have facilitated the continual growth of the specialised cleaning industry constantly bolstering the services sector. With sustainable practices being one of the major trends in the market, Rons ensures that their services are all eco-friendly in nature. Their approach towards achieving established environmental objectives necessitates the use of eco-friendly materials, which ultimately the consumption of such resources during our activities. This involves systematic execution, which eliminates the redundancy of any service segment and conserves resources such as electricity, water, cleaning and disinfection agents and other related materials. In most circumstances, several of the services we offer include waste disposal wherein guidelines have been established by the local authorities,” adds John.


Several reliable economists and financial analysts dub the UAE as one of the most investable countries in the world. Keeping this in mind, the future certainly looks bright for Rons Enviro Care. The organisation envisions future growth culminating to the establishment of an independent Facilities Management company which involves total market domination, human resources development, broadening of service profiles through strategic acquisition and securing trade lead contracts. “In a short period of time, Rons aims to provide a more extensive range of services such as engineering services, sourcing and supply chain support, waste management. With an expected GDP growth of between 4-5 % for the 2017- 2020 period, we are certainly gearing up to secure a greater part of the future market,” says John.