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Choosing the right FM service provider key to business success


Humaid Al Marzooqi, Deputy CEO of High Power Services, explains how FM service providers can help businesses thrive and become sustainability-focused


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August 3, 2022
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Choosing the right FM service provider key to business success

The right Service Provider in Facilities Management can help your business thrive and become sustainability-focused by providing expert guidance and support from energy conservation, and waste reduction to improving workplace safety and reducing workplace injuries.

Facility Management services help businesses become more sustainable and responsible, providing expert guidance and support on a wide range of issues such as energy conservation, waste reduction, workplace safety, and reducing workplace injuries. By working with a hard facility management service, businesses can improve their overall sustainability and efficiency while protecting their employees and assets.

1. Optimize your space to reduce costs and maximize efficiency using the right hard facility management services. 

There are many different types of facility management services available that offer different benefits. Choosing the best option for your business can save you time and money. Some common services include maintenance of your assets, cleaning, and security. In addition, using a professional Facility Management company can ensure that your building is 100% optimized to run efficiently with lower costs.

2. Reduce your environmental impact by implementing energy and water efficiency measures within the buildings and premises. 

Reduce energy consumption by ensuring the building is in good condition by regularly conducting building inspections to ensure that all fixed assets are maintained. Some examples include scheduling regular air conditioning maintenance, setting up energy-efficient lighting and low-energy appliances, the correct plumbing systems, and waste management. 

Water efficiency can be improved by using low-flow showerheads, installing rain gutters, and designing/fitting fixtures and fixtures materials that use less water.

3. Implement customized maintenance and repair plans to keep your equipment running smoothly within your building.

Working with FM professionals, you can create customized maintenance and repair plans to ensure that your facility's equipment is running smoothly and effectively.  

Understanding the specific needs of your building and its equipment, you can create a plan that is tailored to meet your specific needs. This approach can help to reduce the number of maintenance issues and keep your facility running smoothly and efficiently.

This article is written by Humaid Al Marzooqi, Deputy CEO of High Power Services.