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Optiqo's Cleantracker AI launched!


The application's core premise is to enable Facility Management providers with an easy-to-use method to validate cleaning effectiveness by adopting Artificial Intelligence, AI and machine learning.


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May 18, 2021
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Optiqo's Cleantracker AI launched!

Optiqo Sweden AB has now launched a game changing application - Cleantracker AI, and with it, providing a  measuring process for Facility Management providers that is unprecedented in its functionality:

• Very Easy to Use and Self Explaining

• Repetitive and Trackable Measurements

• Objective and Standardized Results

Make the unknown known, the output from the Application will function as a basis for deciding the correct cleaning  methods and routines based on facts. Utilizing the right cleaning methods and routines will lead to:

• Higher Quality of the Cleaning

• Cost effectiveness and better utilization of resources

• Higher Sustainability

• Higher Customer Satisfaction

Cleantracker AI combines Artificial Intelligence and advanced image recognition to enable classification and  evaluation of surface area contamination. Cleantracker AI is now available for download on Google Play and Apple  Appstore. The application is available with a 14 days free trial period.

“With Cleantracker AI we have been able to provide a solution to a very common issue through enhanced measuring  and quantifying results of cleaning deliveries for the Facility Management industry,” says Martin Älenmark, CTO at  Optiqo. The primary purpose of the app is to be able to determine, through a standardized and consistent method, whether  a cleaning procedure has been sufficiently carried out and approved. With Cleantracker AI, the cleaning  organization can visually and objectively validate whether surfaces that have been recently cleaned are in fact as  visually clean as they appear; all through the use of Artificial Intelligence.

The areas of effectiveness for Optiqo’s  Cleantracker AI is consistently measuring approved cleaning procedures and examining the time span in which the  same surface gets retained. Through the scanning data being collected over time, insights regarding how each floor  or area can be best maintained are provided.


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