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The Disruptors!


This new company is a real game changer for both the real estate and facilities management industries in Saudi Arabia.


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July 12, 2021
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The Disruptors!

Two of the region’s heavyweights have joined forces to create Synergy Integrated Facilities Management., a subsidiary of the highly regarded Bawani group, based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Amjad Rehman, the President, and Mike Moore, the Vice President of  Synergy Integrated Facilities management are preparing to enter the market with what they believe is a real game changer for both the real estate and facilities management industries in Saudi Arabia.

“We all know the global, regional and Saudi economies have taken a hard knock through the pandemic and many real estate developers and portfolio owners have suffered very badly,” stated Rehman, who went on to add, “Given the strength and backing of the Bawani group, we are able to support the recovery through acquisition, repurposing or heavy investment into developments that have stalled or buildings which are simply no longer in demand.”

Picking up on the unique nature of the market proposition, Moore added, “After I left Cushman & Wakefield, I was offered a number of opportunities and by far, this one excited me the most.  I’ve been in the industry for 40 years and I have never worked with an FM company, who can and will support the property owner with hard cash to help them realize their dreams.” 

He added, “In many respects, the approach is similar to a BOT or PPP initiative, where the client has a dream but faces financial challenges. By investing in the project, Synergy helps the dream to become a reality.  We provide a turnkey service where we will undertake the design, the construction, the project, and transition management in conjunction with our sister companies.  As Synergy, we then operate the end product to international standards – Real FM, often with a head lease guaranteeing an agreed income for the owner.”

Rehman added, “Yes, BOT is a good analogy, we basically take all of the risk and leave the client owning an excellent product which he will benefit from directly once the head lease agreement concludes, a real win-win situation.”

Having a combined professional experience in excess of 60 years, 20 of which was gained in the Gulf, 15 years in the Kingdom, the duo present a strong case. Talking about the FM industry in the Kingdom, Moore opined, “We all know that the market in the kingdom is still very immature but thanks to the excellent work being undertaken on the PFI projects things are moving fast, the rate of change is tremendous and FM as opposed to the old O&M approach is quickly becoming ‘the new normal’. We are seeing the start of a post-pandemic bounce back and we are proud to be part of that. Our approach will help developers of course but in turn it will help small businesses and the myriad of staff that are required to support any large development. Not just the FM team but staff supporting associated retail, F&B and other concession arrangements. I’m very excited and proud to be part of this.”

So far, Synergy Integrated Facilities management is delivering this approach in the residential, mixed use, commercial, retail, Hospitality and F&B sectors. 


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