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Training to Success


Ejadah gives an insight into the 3-prong approach to learning that covers Assessment, Technical Service-Centric Training, and Customer-Centric Training.


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November 5, 2020
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Training to Success

At Ejadah, we firmly believe that THE MOST CRITICAL asset is OUR PEOPLE! Even from a business point of view, manpower is our common denominator throughout our value stream be it operations, support, project cost, and profitability.

The nature of our operations places employees at various locations and therefore it required a different approach to ensure maximum employee participation while ensuring business continuity.

Therefore a Customer Service Centricity model that carried a 3 prong approach to learning was implemented which covered Assessment, Technical Service-Centric Training, and Customer-Centric Training


MEP Technicians and Cleaners across Ejadah were assessed in both theoretical and practical aspects of the job to understand their current capability. Based on assessments, a structured, scalable, cost-effective model was implemented focusing on Service and Customer Centricity

Technical Service-Centric:

Capability development in the Soft Service Offering:

Cleaners are trained under BICSc (British Institute of Cleaning Sciences) standards and go through a 4-day intensive soft service training program, which includes 12 hours of training each day, covering 14 theoretical and 21 practical topics. All new joiners go through this mandatory training and assessment before deployment to sites. Also, the staff is oriented on the organization Vision, Mission, Values, Organization structure, business, operations and services, Health and Safety Policy and Procedures, SOPs, do’s and don’ts, Personal Grooming, and Customer Service, each of which is delivered by HR, HSE and Customer Experience professionals. In parallel to this, we conduct ongoing training for cleaning staff at sites focusing on COSHH to create awareness on chemical and hazardous substance safety, Customer Service Centricity training that focuses on communication, customer interaction, and discipline. 

Capability development in Hard Service offering:

Technical training for MEP Technicians was implemented through a robust “The Train the Trainer Model” focused on cascading technical training to sites for staff to be trained regularly. Curated training content for trades was developed by internal FM operation experts, site-specific SOPs were incorporated by Technical Team to ensure FM best practices are covered in service operations at sites. 

Customer Service-Centric:

Customer service centric training was delivered through elected site Customer Centricity champions responsible for cascade training on communication, customer awareness, service delivery, and discipline in line with the FM best practices. Developing employee awareness to serve customers with an understanding that Customers are at the center of everything that we do. We now have 110 Customer Centricity Champions across contracts cascade to assess and train site staff in customer centricity.

Language Proficiency:

The cleaning staffs also attend English Language Training classes through a tie-up with Smart Life Global, an NGO that provides free English training for all levels of language proficiency. Employees could move from one level to another through learning and assessment. Over 100 staff have completed language training at various levels.


We are proud to have delivered impeccable business results due to the effective implementation of these training plans;

Through these implementations, we were able to deliver over 65,000 hours of Technical and Soft Service Training. Over 2,694 Technical and Soft service employees trained in the model and skills upgrading. Close to 35 internal Technical trainers have been developed to train and assess staff at sites. 4 BICSc certified assessors now assess and train cleaning staff in line with BICSc standards. BICSc re-certification and accreditation were achieved. 

Our Gallup employee-customer awareness scores went up to 4.11, a positive increase of 0.22 from the previous year. Our overall customer satisfaction index improved drastically from 72% to 87.8% an increase of 15.8% in satisfaction. Ejadah Net Promoter Score increased by 21 points when compared to 2018. 94% contract retention rate owing to Excellent Service Delivery. Cleaning Service aggregate contract KPI scores averaged at 94% through the year. New contracts were offered in prestigious locations (Burj Al Arab) due to client satisfaction in terms of service delivery.


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