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Panel Maintenance


Why do you need active maintenance & management of solar panels?


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Panel Maintenance
With the adoption of solar panels gaining momentum in Dubai, the operation and maintenance management activities that maximize and guarantee their productivity are also calling for equal attention. Following the successful installation of solar panels, conducting regular maintenance and keeping them in best condition extends their lifetime as well. Solar Module Energy Performance can be confirmed with usual periodical Parameter inspection, while plant energy production can be ensured with periodical solar module cleaning is essential to maintain. 
As you know, Preventive Maintenance and Corrective Maintenance are key to identifying, isolating and rectifying any failed equipment. Periodical maintenance as per the manufacturer's guidelines and continuous maintenance of the solar panels, adhering to the operation and maintenance practices is termed as Preventive Maintenance. Meanwhile, Corrective Maintenance refers to services required to rectify failures that cause hindrance to the proper functioning of the solar panels. Service orders, coming from dedicated monitoring system, will be issued and managed for the prompt resolution of operational failures in the event of incidents that call for Corrective Maintenance. 
Furthermore, remote monitoring activities also play an integral role in maintaining the overall health of the power plant. In addition to tracking trends in plant performance over time, they also draw attention to incidents that demand immediate attention, such as an inverter going offline or a tripped breaker that can cause a power plant to shut down. Effective troubleshooting minimizes service time and costs by utilising monitoring and maintenance data to get to the root of the problem and identify the necessary corrective action. Monitoring of energy output and ensuring that there are no malfunctions is another aspect of solar panel maintenance. Installing a solar panel monitoring system for a monthly subscription fee will help you keep track of the energy produced by your solar panels. Keeping a baseline measurement also helps since solar panels generate varying amounts of power during the year.
Etihad ESCO’s technical service team follows several practices and adheres to the parameters of solar Measurement &Verifications (M&V) procedures to ensure and evaluate production efficiency. Moreover, our real time monitoring system imports/exports real time data to the Etihad Information center and helps us achieve our day-to-day M&V performance monitoring, ensuring client satisfaction. Planned Preventive Maintenance (PPM) scheduled Periodical maintenance inspection with check list is carried out with technical team support, during which, the evaluation of M&V, including Performance ratio test is recorded by Etihad ESCO.
(The Author Ali Al Jassim, is the CEO of Etihad ESCO)