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Tadweer announces results of community awareness survey


Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center (Tadweer) announced the 2019 results of a community awareness survey on proper waste handling and pest control practices.


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May 19, 2020
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Tadweer announces results of community awareness survey

Conducted in partnership with Statistics Centre − Abu Dhabi (SCAD), the survey used the stratified sample method and personal interviews with 2760 citizens and residents from both genders and age groups across Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra and registered a response rate of 100%.
Interviewees were asked several detailed questions related to the fundamentals of waste handling and pest control and their knowledge about Tadweer’s operations and services. To get accurate results in the process, the survey targeted all age groups and its results will be used to tailor Tadweer’s awareness programmes to the needs of different segments of society.

The survey results will allow Tadweer to lay a strong foundation of public awareness about proper waste handling and pest control practices.

The results revealed that the overall community awareness about waste management and pest control stood at 83.1%, with the UAE nationals accounting for 57.1% of the survey participants, and residents for 42.9%. Furthermore, 55.8% of respondents were from Abu Dhabi City, 29.7% from Al Ain was, and 11.4% from Al Dhafra.

Meanwhile, the survey showed that public awareness and knowledge about Tadweer’s services and operations stood at 91%, with respondents specifying TV commercials, radio ads, friends, and social media as their key channels to learn more about Tadweer’s activities.

His Excellency Dr Salem Al Kaabi, General Manager of Tadweer, said: "This survey articulates Tadweer’s continued efforts to build an integrated system for waste management and pest control, while providing high-quality services to community in line with the latest standards and global best practices. In addition to promoting societal awareness about proper waste handling and pest control practices in Abu Dhabi, such surveys allow us to leverage our capabilities to achieve environment sustainability, preserve our natural resources, minimize waste and convert it into a valuable economic resource.” 

He added: “Our collaboration with SCAD allowed us to complete the survey in line with the highest standards and statistical methods. In addition to identifying the needs of AUH society and multitude of challenges they faces, the survey will go a long way in creating new opportunities for achieving a safer, healthier and more sustainable environment in Abu Dhabi.

“At Tadweer, we are committed to improving the quality of environment in Abu Dhabi to achieve its sustainable development goals. In parallel with this objective, Tadweer has stepped up its efforts to promote community awareness and assess the level of knowledge about its Tadweer services including waste collection and transportation and pest control. This comes as part of our priority to consistently ensure the relevance of our offerings to the requirements of targeted areas.

“As part of our focus on creating a safe and a sustainable environment in Abu Dhabi, Tadweer pursues a long-term strategy that prioritizes Abu Dhabi’s sustainable and inclusive development. Furthermore, we support the government’s efforts to enhance the Emirate’s environmental, health and safety standards to achieve the well-being of present and future generations.”

For his part, His Excellency Abdullah Ahmed Al Suwaidi, Acting Director-General of SCAD, said, “The Statistics Centre-Abu Dhabi (SCAD) works closely with its partners in order to support development plans in the emirate of Abu Dhabi. This is through high-quality, reliable statistics, and by providing statistical data and services in line with the highest international standards. All the aforementioned help meet the requirements of data users, decision-makers, planners and interested parties, in a manner that contributes to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in the emirate.”

His Excellency pointed out that the result of the survey, which is in coordination with Abu Dhabi Waste Management Center (Tadweer), are aimed at educating society about proper handling of waste and public health issues. It also aims to create awareness about the environment. This is imperative to achieving environmental sustainability and preserving natural resources for future generations.

Tadweer is the key government entity responsible for all activities related to the development of waste management services in the emirate of Abu Dhabi, including the collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of waste in a safe, efficient and economical manner. The Center is also tasked with carrying out pest control, educating communities about the significance of protecting the environment, and encouraging them to adopt sound environmental habits to drive sustainable development.