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Shellei Leonor Teves Gaza


-Senior Community Association Manager, Member of Community Association Institute Middle East


November 1, 2020
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Shellei Leonor Teves Gaza

Shellei Leonor Teves Gaza, Senior Community Association Manager, Member of Community Association Institute Middle East

It was the service for the people that inspired Shellei to enter the world of Community Management. Ensuring people found their home away from home, in the UAE kept this Architect by profession going. Today, it has been over 13 years, and Shellei says that it is always the hard work, patience, and finding people with the common ground that has made this a fruitful journey. Her bubbly personality and people-skills are one of the first things you notice about Shellei, and it is this collaboration of skills and her understanding of the communities that make her inspiring.

Proudest Moments

Shellei’s proudest moments are the results she has seen over the year. She is also proud of the professional relationships she has built over the years in the industry and with the local authorities & regulators of this industry. “RERA – if I may say, with their warm gesture, has never failed to guide me and provided me with full support in any given way I need,” she explained.

Barriers in Female Leadership

Shellei believes that for women to achieve extraordinary things as there is always room to grow. “This is a career with a clear path for advancement. I was known as one of the boys ever since I was in college and not much changed when I came to Dubai. Probably because I was in the world of Architecture – the built environment was not a new thing for me. The hard truth - it’s not easy, but somehow I have learned to work my way in dealing with everyone – especially with men,” she added.


“My advice to my fellow ‘limitless women’, who are aspirants to be here, is to put on your high heels – we know we can still run a marathon with it! It doesn’t matter if it is 45-degree heat outside, whether you are on the rooftop or inspecting garbage rooms. Step outside your comfort zone, and do not be afraid – confidence is an art we craft. It defines our performance and passion for what we do best.”