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Tass Group


As one of the first and the oldest Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) manufacturers in the UAE, Tass Group has thrived for 40 years in the region.


December 13, 2020
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Tass Group

Sahar Afsheen Arshad, MD, Tass Group

The company has a 100 percent safety record and prides itself as a business entity with zero fines. Tass Group has been recognised by one of its partners Ajman Free Zone, in their testimonials as the “Most Sustainable Entity” on the initiatives being carried out in the organisation. They have made headway for more multiple-year Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) and projects this year.

What makes Tass Group truly influential are the initiatives they have introduced to support their employees, one of them being the pension plan. Tass Group has introduced a pension plan for staff that has been a part of the Tass family for more than 20 years, which is directly funded by the Board of Directors.

By adopting and implementing fair and sustainable business methods, Tass has led the way for other businesses to do the same.

Sahar Afsheen Arshad, MD, Tass Group, elaborates on the initiatives, key highlights and the vision for the company in the coming year.

COVID-19 Initiatives

During the pandemic, Tass Group gave importance to 2 main aspects – Safety & Finance – to combat it.

Safety: Tass Group’s focus is on the well-being of their employees, which is why sanitisation kits have been issued to all workers and staff, routine checks were conducted, and sanitisation chambers have been set-up on office premises and manufacturing units. More roster shifts were introduced to reduce employee stress.

Finance: Taking into consideration that COVID-19 has dealt a financial blow to most households, Tass management unanimously absolved all internal loans taken by blue-collared workers. The Board of Directors also decided to forego their salaries since April 2020.

Regular client payments have been converted to contactless payments and e-transfers, while invoices and contracts are being delivered digitally. They have also introduced deferred payment plans for clients facing challenges in paying them.

2020 Highlights

Considering the effects of COVID-19 on most businesses, Tass’s biggest achievement was ensuring that no existing staff was terminated and that no one underwent a cut in the salary, and recruited additional staff.

Despite the decreased business activity in the sector, Tass succeeded in securing increased BMU manufacturing projects and AMC’s. They were also awarded major BMU government contracts, due to their impeccable 100% no-accident record.

This year the Group also expanded their trade division to sanitation, cleaning, and disposable paper products. Most importantly, Tass Group was recognised for its overall sustainable business practices and initiatives.

Vision 2021

Tass Group’s vision is to remain the premier total access and systems solutions provider in the UAE and expand operations to North America, GCC, and Asia. On the drawing table for 2021 are plans for a customized bespoke fashion online retail space, luxury customized wearable art for ladies, sustainable art and souvenirs, and a themed restaurant.