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Influential Companies of 2020


CM today does a round-up of companies who have not let the impact of the pandemic steal their thunder and shone despite the shortcomings.


December 13, 2020
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Influential Companies of 2020

The pandemic has acted as a catalyst for change and has reiterated the need to pay attention to how facilities are being managed and services are being delivered... (Read more)

AGFS takes pride in being associated with the industrial stalwarts in each sector, including government entities, major banks, retail giants, healthcare centers, and educational institutions... (Read more)


Al Bonian FM proudly sets the standard for commitment and trust. The company is proud of their longstanding relationships with clients, unwavering commitment to them, their properties... (Read more)

The main objective of Awtad FM's continuous improvement of the service is to keep the services aligned with the changing needs of the business... (Read more)


Bee’ah is a leading integrated sustainability and waste management company. They have adopted a holistic approach to tackle challenges such as waste and the negative impact on the environment... (Read more)

Berkeley Services has been in the business in the UAE for more than 35 years. The company has created a reputation in the market for providing quality services to its clients... (Read more)


During these unprecedented times Ejadah has managed not only to stabilize its performance and support its clients but also has grown significantly... (Read more)

Eltizam Asset Management Group is one of the leading asset management companies in the region. Their continued commitment to thinking and doing things differently through the... (Read more)


Facaltaas is a key Service provider of Facility Management, Sustainability & Energy Management, Consultancy & Business Transformation services, On-Demand Maintenance Services... (Read more)

Facilio’s greatest strength is the game changing vision and outstanding execution they bring, to transform the way properties are operated, maintained, and managed... (Read more)


FSI Middle East is the region’s leading FM solutions software provider. For 30 years, FSI across the globe has been a major influence on Computer-Aided Facilities Management... (Read more)

As one of the only fully IFM company, in the UAE, Imdaad has established a leading position in the regional FM industry... (Read more)


With more than 32 years of collective experience, Kaizen Asset Management Services has always ensured quality customer service since 2006... (Read more)

With a passion for growth in the region, Land Sterling has stood out in the market for its independent views and personal guidance they provide to their clients... (Read more)


Working with a partnership attitude has what made Property Finder, take great leaps in what is called one of the most challenging years. They consider every client to be... (Read more)

As one of the first and the oldest Building Maintenance Unit (BMU) manufacturers in the UAE, Tass Group has thrived for 40 years in the region... (Read more)


With nearly 20 years spent in service of the UAE, Transguard Group is one of the most influential companies because they consistently provide customers with award-winning service all while... (Read more)