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‘There is nothing more valuable for a professional than mentorship’


In this month’s edition of ‘The Voice’, we feature Nivedha Sridhar, Director of Content & Growth Marketing, Founding Team- Facilio


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April 11, 2021
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‘There is nothing more valuable for a professional than mentorship’

In a short period, Nivedha Sridhar has certainly made amazing strides in the built environment. As the Director of Content & Growth Marketing, as well as a member of the Founding team at Facilio Inc., an enterprise-wide facilities O&M software platform provider, headquartered in New York, Nivedha has quickly learned how vibrant and dynamic the real estate industry is. She came to appreciate the positive role that tech education and community play here. A young professional who leads the company’s Product, Content, and Growth Marketing initiatives, says that as organisations diversify, the property operations sector presents a great opportunity for women to add value, by thinking creatively and differently. And that’s what motivates her to continue to work in this dynamic field. 

Here is the excerpt from the interview:

What was the proudest moment in your role?

We constantly try to identify themes and build an empathetic connection with customers – using webinars, events, and interviews - to understand the priorities that drive their decisions. We knew the knowledge gap between what operations teams needed, and what they're currently equipped with, was growing. In 2019, we launched FutureProof, a community for professionals in property operations to come together and share practical best practices and strategies, to drive innovation in our space. As one of the co-creators of the event, it has been most satisfying to engage with the insights of progressive facility managers and commercial real estate leaders, and help build a consensus for the future. Since then, we've taken FutureProof to multiple formats including video, interviews, and webinars, as well as the recent launch of REBuild, in the wake of the pandemic. Seeing the property operations community grow, share, and learn from each other has been extremely satisfying for us. 

What do you think is the most significant barrier to female leadership in the built environment, in the Middle East?

While speaking to women in our community, the most glaring issues center around the subtle "glass ceiling" barriers that are typically found in many other industries as well. Having said that, we're now beginning to see organizations adopt programs and structured avenues, to set this issue right, and clear the path for women to succeed, in career and leadership roles.  

Your advice to women wanting to enter this industry?

In my experience, there is nothing more valuable for a professional than sincere and effective mentorship. My journey and career path have been greatly enriched by the influence and advice of many wonderful guides and mentors, who took me under their wing at crucial junctures. I have valued the insights of women mentors, because of their experience in dealing with certain challenges that are unique to women, although inputs from all my mentors have been valuable. So I would advise women wanting to enter the industry to seek out the advice and input of those more experienced than themselves, as well as to pass on their knowledge when it is their turn to mentor others.



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