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Transguard Group


With nearly 20 years spent in service of the UAE, Transguard Group is one of the most influential companies because they consistently provide customers with award-winning service all while dedicating the utmost attention to the welfare of their employees.


December 13, 2020
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Transguard Group

Greg Ward, GM, Transguard


Greg Ward, GM, Transguard elaborates on the initiatives, key highlights, and the vision for the company in the coming year. 



COVID-19 Initiatives


Transguard did not intend to finish FY 19/20 the way it has. We didn't have a playbook when the pandemic hit us. And yet, we quickly discovered that we had the infrastructure to meet the startling new requirements: Our Lean Six Sigma training, our industry-leading experts, our committed workforce, were all more than prepared to tackle each new challenge.


In addition to traditional cleaning and more aggressive deep cleans, High TouchPoint cleaning and fogging services were added to our portfolio. In parallel, we experienced the cancellation or temporary halt to existing contracts. Coupled with the massive demand for skilled cleaners, we began an intensive cross-training programme that not only allowed us to fill this demand.


The virus also opened up new opportunities for other innovations, including actual products. For the first time, Transguard designed and manufactured its line of sanitising misting stations.



2020 Highlights


Transguard played a lead role at the forefront of the UAE’s field hospitals (ADNEC in Abu Dhabi, Dubai Parks & Resorts, and Mohammed Bin Zayed City) in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.


This year also saw the introduction of our Misting Stations. Three products specifically designed by Transguard. Dalma Mall in Abu Dhabi was the first retail location in the UAE to utilise the misting station.


Also, we won the FM and Security contracts with Emirates NBD. Meanwhile, the consumer arm of Transguard Group, Transguard Living, doubled in size and expanded into Abu Dhabi with the signing of a major contract with Etihad Airways.


Finally, despite EXPO being delayed until 2021, our FM team is still supporting several exhibiting pavilions, including New Zealand, the Netherlands, and the UAE.


Claiming significant headlines was the September announcement that Transguard Group signed an agreement with Emaar to provide security services across all its developments.


Our sustainability efforts also led to impressive gains thanks to efficiencies in Transguard’s approach to energy and water consumption. Transguard Group ended the 2019-2020 financial year with AED 234 million in profit and AED 2.55 billion in revenue, as well as AED 1.5 billion in new business.



Vision 2021


With an eye toward our 20th anniversary in 2021, Transguard Group will continue to expand in the coming months. Also in the Transguard playbook is the further expansion of its Security division into additional major retail contracts.


Covid-19 sparked massive change for Transguard Group by being the first to bring in insightful solutions for these new market requirements. Digital transformation is another area in which Transguard offers unique innovation with proven results, such as self-produced apps and other improvements in operational efficiency.