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The growth of the FM industry in GCC is very promising for a software developer


In this time of the pandemic, the use and dependency on technology are more than ever. Asset Management & Facilities Management companies are now rethinking the way they work and adapt to the ‘new normal’ workplace operations.


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April 24, 2020
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The growth of the FM industry in GCC is very promising for a software developer

Keeping up with the times is Nanosoft, who offers many innovative applications and technical support that can help the industry gain quick and easy access to data. In this interview, Eashak Ali B, the Director, Nanosoft Group, talks about how traditional FM companies can take advantage of the CAFM system and also sheds light on the trends in the industry.

How has software helped the way in which traditional FM companies work? What are the advantages?

Software (CAFM) has played a vital role in the day-to-day operations for the FM companies which supports them to enhance process efficiency, accuracy, and productivity throughout the lifecycle of the various maintenance activities. The CAFM software makes critical operational data available on-demand to users in any location to ensure the tasks are carried out are with defined standards to a specific job. It offers a single view of all facilities and maintenance activities, and can easily track every location, asset, and person, analyze the processes, costs, and efforts required for optimal operations, and understand the impact of utilization, maintenance, improvements, service provision, and expenditures.

The success of the CAFM software is to achieve a “Connected Workforce”. This justifies “Integrated Facility Management” which enables seamless process, job requests through mobility solutions for different stakeholders involved. SMART FM has over 10 different products, designed to various roles and responsibilities of an FM company which includes back-office core web application consisting all FM modules (Asset, Contracts, Maintenance Helpdesk, SLA, Checklists, Inventory, Procurement, etc.), Mobile Apps for Technicians/Field staffs to receive and complete work orders, and Mobile Apps for Management team, self-service helpdesk portals to submit and track complaints and requests for occupants/tenants, Client Portal and Mobile apps for facility auditing, Geofencing based self-service Time & Attendance, Visitor Management System, Supplier portals and Interface with BMS, BIM, and IoT devices for connected building. Hence, SMART FM provides a complete package that delivers the one-stop solution, or, the clients can even choose as per their business needs.

What are the latest trends in FM software in the region?

The future focus is on IoT Technology, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain. These technologies will help the industry towards smart rooms, buildings, and cities which will amplify the dayto- day operations, fully technology dependent. Having said this we believe that short term focus is business intelligence, data mining and basic AI concepts which will help FM organization to keep informed even before they login to the system. We at Nanosoft are working on multiple technologies to cater to the current and future demands. Smart Bot is one of the products which we have launched which compliments our SMART FM product. Smart Bot is a basic AI that will give information over voice command without the need to login to the software.

How mature is the FM industry in the GCC in adopting CAFM systems and software?

The growth of the FM industry in GCC is substantial and very promising for a software developer like us. This encourages us to put more effort to provide a solution even before the demand arises. Specifically, the UAE is a fully mature industry for CAFM systems and software. The demand has increased drastically and all maintenance companies of all sizes wish for a CAFM software to be used to manage their day-to-day operations. This is a positive sign for all CAFM providers. Other GCC countries are also very promising specifically the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Oman.

Other comments.

The UAE and other GCC markets have an opportunity to extend FM services to individual landlords and tenants and this is an untapped market by organized service providers. Our Smart FM b2c product enables FM service providers to serve this market by using easy to launch consumer apps where the consumers will be able to search for the home care services and submit requests with an option to track and make online payments. Nanosoft Technologies’ Smart FM b2c helps Facility Management companies to expand their business from b2b to b2c. It is a fully automated end to end solution from receiving a service order to completion which includes all necessary features to promote one’s services, receive and respond to online inquiries from consumers using the smart web platform. This product will provide an intuitive website portal which is similar to an e-commerce promoting one’s services and enabling online booking.

During this difficult period of COVID-19, we request everyone to practice hygiene in day to day life and stay safe. Technology will play an important part to amplify our life and communicate with our team on all activities.


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