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Reliability Centered Maintenance


Want to know a better way to manage your mall? This exclusive video, ENGIE Cofely showcases how Reliability Centered Maintenance provides a more efficient way to manage retail spaces.


00:31 What is Reliability Centered Maintenance?

It is a strategy that optimises scheduled maintenance activity whilst ensuring performance of critical assets. Each asset or asset type is studied to identify the potential failure modes and the maintenance techniques that can be applied to either prevent or identify potential failure before it occurs. This prevents over maintenance of assets and focuses the correct maintenance based on the criticality of the asset.

Benefits of RCM

The data collected is a key part of Reliability Centered Maintenance to ensure there is an effective measure of the benefits of the maintenance strategy. A computer-aided FM system is the backbone to data analysis. By selecting and configuring your system, you will have a clear understanding of the outputs you require and therefore determine the inputs.

02:31 Cost Savings using RCM