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Zinah al Safar


-Director – Soft Services, ServeU


November 1, 2020
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Zinah al Safar

Zinah al Safar, Director – Soft Services, ServeU

When you talk to Zinah, you come across a very smart, witty, social, and a strong personality. With over 11+ years in the facilities management industry Zinah has paved her way through many challenges, evolved as a person, and risen to the top. The true fighter-spirit in her and her love to take on any challenge has inspired her to stay in this industry. “This is a male-dominated industry. But, I have always loved a good challenge. And in all these years at ServeU, I have seen myself grow every time we have overcome each challenge together as a team. End of the day it is all about team spirit and not gender,” she added.

Proud Moments

Her 11 years at ServeU, has been filled with many proud moments for Zinah. A real proud moment came in the form of mobilizing 750 staff in 3 weeks. It was challenging, as the resources were less, but Zinah fondly recollects how she and her team made this happen. Abu Dhabi Airport was also a project she is proud of, “Here we had to mobilize 500-600 staff in a day. And when we achieved that it was an amazing feeling and we left the project with a good reputation as well,” she added.

Barriers in Female Leadership

“Breaking through those barriers all depends on one’s personality. I believe as long as you have a target set and faith to accomplish, that there can be no barriers or challenges that can stop you,” she said. Zinah said that she is proud of the fact that the region has always been very forward-thinking in terms of having women in leadership roles regardless of the sectors and has witnessed many women excel in their roles as well.


“This industry has a lot to offer, and don’t be afraid to work towards your target. Hard work will help you reach your goals. Just ensure you know your subject. And if you are committed to your vision and the vision of your organization, nothing can stop you.”